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1. Which is not a limitation of traditional plant breeding?
Breeding can only be done between two plants that can sexually mate with each other. This limits the new traits that can be added to those that already exist within that species.
Traits from any living organism can be transferred into a plant.
Second, when plants are mated, (crossed), many traits are transferred along with the trait of interest including traits with undesirable effects on yield potential.

2. How many steps are involved in the process of genetic engineering?

3. What is an advantage of genetic engineering over traditional plant breeding?
The method of genetic engineering is a fool-proof method where plant breeding is not.
Potentially, traits from any living organism can be transferred into a plant and is also more specific in that a single trait can be added to a plant.
Genetically engineering is less costly than traditional plant breeding.

4. Which is not a step in making a marketable genetically engineered plant?
Backcross Breeding
Horizontal Gene Transfer

5. How many years does it usually take to develop a genetically engineered crop from the initial concept to the market?
6-15 years
1-3 years
15-20 years

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