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Criteria for Transgenic Plant Pamphlet
By Sara Toren - Science Instructor Lincoln Public Schools Science Focus High School

Criteria for Transgenic Plant Pamphlet

This project will be a pamphlet explaining biotech food to the general public. It should:

    Background of development-10 pts: Be limited in size to a pamphlet which might be available at a public information center. Contain vocabulary that is understandable to someone who has not studied genetics, and Include visual components which reinforce the writing.
    The following are the criteria for items to be included in the pamphlet:
  1. Name of food/plant: scientific and common name, if applicable.
  2. Background of development :
    History of plant
    How it has been changed,
    What the change means for the plant function and human use,
    How change is acquired—specific genetic pathway.
  3. Result:
    Is there a market?
    Is the market receptive?
    Are there environmental considerations?
  4. Human/animal use:
    How does this food affect humans/animals?
    What procedures are in place to test these affects and approve this food?
  5. Visuals:
    Possibilities include pictures of altered plants vs. non-altered, evaluation tools, cells, DNA double helix, etc. These should reinforce the text of your pamphlet.
  6. Bibliography:
    Mix of books/articles and electronic
  7. Class presentation
    Demonstrate understanding of material
    Prepared to present and answer questions

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