The goal of the Education Center is to provide quality learning materials for educators wishing to teach the science of crop biotechnology and the debate surrounding the safety of genetically modified food crops in the classroom.

The Education Center contains lesson plans listed by classroom activity type. Curricula on related topics is grouped and listed in the Curricula by Topic section. Featured items are found in the left margin of the page.

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  Curricula by Topic
Resistance ManagementAgricultural Biotechnology Safety
Monarch Butterfly

  Student Projects
Student Created Survey on Genetically Engineered Crop Safety IssuesDesigning a New Genetically Engineered Food Product
Designing a System to Ensure GE Agiculuture SafetyCreating a Transgenic Plant Pamplet

  Teacher Guided Exercises
Resistance and Susceptibility ExerciseStudent Debate on the Risk of Bt corn to Monarch Butterflies

  Lab Exercises
Plant Breeding and Predicting Offspring TraitsDNA Extraction

  Writing Assignments
Position Paper on GE SafetyCase Study on Bt Corn Pollen and The Monarch Butterfly

  Interactive Learning
The Refuge BuilderResistance Evolution Simulation
The Resistance Management GameWho Wants to Be a Genetic Engineer?
GE Crop Development & Regulatory Timeline

  Learning Modules
Antisense Technology

  Resources on Understanding Risk
Why Scientists Can Never Prove That Biotech Crops are SafeRisk as Perception
Risk as ScienceThe Risk Assessment Paradigm

  Selected Biotech Education Sites
The Library of Crop Technology Lesson ModulesUC Biotech.org
Iowa State Biotech EducationBiotech-info.net
Scope ForumPurdue Agricultural Biotechnology
Monsanto's TeachingScience.orgDupont Biotechnology

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