DNA Extraction

Creating a Transgenic Plant Pamphlet

Case Study: Bt Corn Pollen and the Monarch Butterfly

Designing a System to Ensure GE Agricultural Safety.

Debate: Are Monarchs at Risk From Bt Corn?

Poster: Designing a New Genetically Engineered Food Product

Position Paper: GE Safety

Student Survey

Resistance vs. Susceptibility

Plant Breeding and Predicting Offspring Traits

Creating a Transgenic Plant Pamphlet
By Sara Toren - Science Instructor Lincoln Public Schools Science Focus High School

Grading Rubric for Transgenic Plant Project

Student name____________________

Name of food/plant-5 pts: Scientific and common plant name______________

Background of development-10 pts:
- History of plant
- How it has been changed,
- What the change means for the plant function and human use,
- How change is acquired—specific genetic pathway.

Result-10 pts:
- Market?
- Market receptive?
- Environmental considerations?
- Elaboration

Human/animal use-10 pts:
- How does this food affect humans/animals?
- What procedures are in place to test these affects and approve this food?

Overall appearance of pamphlet-15 pts:
- Clear organization
- Understandable language, graphics
- Useful graphics

Bibliography-10 pts:
- Present
- Mix of books/articles and electronic

Class presentation-10 pts:
- Demonstrate understanding of material
- Prepared to present and answer questions

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