Biotechnology Safety Curricula

Below are links to curricula on the topic of crop biotechnology safety. Of special note are the Resources on Agricultrual Biotechnology Safety which provide a synopsis of the safety assessment and regulatory processes of plant products created through biotechnology in Canada and the United States.

  Lesson Plans
Student Created Survey on Genetically Engineered Crop Safety IssuesCase Study on Bt Corn Pollen and The Monarch Butterfly
Designing a System to Ensure GE Agiculuture SafetyStudent Debate on the Risk of Bt corn to Monarch Butterflies
Position Paper on GE Safety

  Resources on Understanding Risk
Why Scientists Can Never Prove That Biotech Crops are SafeRisk as Perception
Risk as ScienceThe Risk Assessment Paradigm

  Resources on Agricultrual Biotechnology Safety
The regulation of plant biotechnology products in Canada and the US.MON 810 Food Safety Assessment Case Study
MON 810 Environmental Risk Assessment Case StudyWho's Afraid of GM Feeds?

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